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Web-APP stands for Web Automated Perl Portal, because that is the total idea behind it. You should be able to set this script up on your site, and have to work minimally to maintain it. Included are topics, forums, instant message, who's online, download section, link section, and complete site administration!

A content management system written in Perl, project started in 2001 by Carter Brown at mcarterbrown.com, then moved to web-app.org which was the original support site for the Web Automated Perl Portal. In early 2002 web-app.org was created to host the project. Web-APP.info has been a support site for WebAPP since 2006. The web-app.org domain name is no longer functional but the project continues in development at web-app.info


Your World, Your Way


User Profiles, forums, instant messaging, blog-style news articles, links and downloads, easy customizable themes, multiple language support, membership management, open source (GNU-GPL), and so much more!